Darshan Kataria

Founder of Rest in Beats, is a sound engineer, designer and is a I.R.A.A. 2017 awardee for best Mixing Engineer. He’s also a 12 string maestro, singer and musician, who has gathered young talents and enthusiastic music designers for this milestone achieving project Rest in Beats. He wishes to start a academy for enthusiastic music producers specially for EDM enthusiasts. He is looking for stages to perform live sets in collaboration with talented musicians with his EDM tracks.

Raj Vyas

 Raj is our principle designer, also he dreams to direct films in near future. Raj has designed digital covers for all instrument packs in the H-Touch series. He loves discussing materialistic details with artists to get better understanding of their thoughts about the project.

Dhruv Kacha

Dhruv is a trusted web developer, who understands a musicians quest of gaining a world stage. He has done a great job bringing Rest in Beats on a digital platform, making these talented musician heard through the web.

Rahul Kaveeshwar

Rahul is a session Violinist, sound engineer and former Promo Producer at 94.3 MYFM. He has collaborated and recorded Violins for Rest in Beats India and has brought various emotionally connecting loops, completing human touch to your music. Rahul has collaborated in several projects earlier with Darshan.

Sagar Bhadeshia

 Sagar plays tabla, and is very known in the live music scene. With Rest in Beats India he has invested a great effort in recording beats and sequences that should make you jump and keeping you grooving. Sagar also plays tabla with band Sarhadein.
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Steve Jadav

Steve is a synth/keyboard player, and has been playing since 8 years. He has collaborated with Rest in Beats India and has brought most illiustrious notes on synths, engaging you and your audience mesmerised when mixed and played insync with our other loops and stuff.