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H-Touch Series : Tabla


“This is our first product ever to be release in the market by Rest in Beats. With this human touch series we want to go back to the roots of the music instruments and trying them to blend with current generation of music.

With this unique pack you can recreate really great music by experimenting the boundaries of composing.

Our artists and sound engineers have worked on each loop, which can cover multiple dance genres like Psychedelic Trance, Progressive House, Trap or any electronic music.

With ample of choices, one can use several rhythms in the same track as well or can do Sampling by using one shots.

India is known for its rich classical music and so their Indian instruments. We have tried to up bring them and merge with Electronic Music production.”

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WOOCS 1.2.1
  • Total Files 242
  • Tabla: 85 Loops and 157 One Shots
  • Shakers: 20 Loops and 11 One Shots
  • 24 bit 48khz recording, .wav file format
  • Recorded with Quality Amps and Mics
  • Perfectly Tweaked, Mixed and Mastered
  • Stereo miking
  • 140 – 145 BPM
  • Genre: Psychedelic Music, Progressive House, Electronic Dance Music

“Who should use it?

  1. People with more experimental attitude for their music
  2. Artists producing Psy Trance or Progressive House music are must recommended.
  3. Artists who likes to do fusion will love this pack.
  4.  Artist who is individualist. He who never follows but make other follow!

How we differentiate?

There are lot of companies in the market providing synthesised or processed samples but there is no one who finds the blending of both, electronic and acoustic instruments.

We always suffer to bring the life out of electronic music because sometimes there is no humanising touch, there is no great attack or different velocity we want.

In order to explore and bring more creativity,we decided to record every acoustic instruments and try to sync with current music generation.

If you believe in us, support us and keep providing us your feedback so we can always keep doing well!!”

We will return your money, if you are not SATISFIED!!!

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