Why You Should Have Custom Email Address


In a world of distracting social media posts, it’s vital to have your own website for your music. Having a website with a custom domain means having your own space on the internet, so the focus is on you. Once you have your own website, you want to make sure all of your branding is consistent. One thing musicians often overlook is having a custom email address. This one small thing can really make a difference. Here’s how:   1) Custom Only to You An example of a custom band email... Read More

Get Hired As A Session Musician


Session work is one of the steadiest ways to earn a living as a musician. The work is often flexible, so you can schedule it around your other projects as you see fit. Whether you’re a guitarist, drummer, singer, or play a different instrument, as a session musician you’ll be hired to play your instrument for studio sessions, live shows, and tours for either a percentage of the profits or a flat fee. Here are some ways to help you find work as a session musician:   Have a... Read More