Top 5 tutorials on how to make trap music


Do you want to know how to make trap music? Yes? Then you are at the right place. Here are the tutorial, we fond out on the internet, but Hey, before jumping on the youtube, we suggest you to go over all the videos we will be recommending you before youtube does :p Melody It’s important to start with a melody first, so that your drums can roll upon them. 2. Bassline 808’s Trap Once you figure it out on how create your own dope bass It’s time to make nice leads 3.... Read More

Create Magic with Oscillators – Quick Guide To Oscillators


Oscillators form the core of many synthesis systems. We get good vibrations as we explain how they work and what they do… Virtually every form of synthesis (with the possible exception of physical modelling popularised in Yamaha’s range of VL synths) follows three main stages: tone generation > tone shaping > volume shaping. The tone generation section can take several forms but the most common is the oscillator which is the main sound source in analogue synthesisers and software... Read More

Tools For Fixing Your Home Studio Acoustics


Soundproofing your home studio can be an expensive, time-consuming proposition. Luckily, treating the acoustics of your home studio is quite the opposite. Believe it or not, it’s not that expensive and can be done in a matter of hours if you have the building blocks on hand. Acoustic treatment of your room consists of three main components: acoustic panels, bass traps and diffusers. Let’s look at each.   Acoustic Panels Acoustic panels are the major way that reflections are kept from... Read More

10 Essential Strategies for Marketing Your Band


Once you’ve decided that you’re getting pretty serious about this whole music career thing, you know that you have to start putting in the effort to come up with effective band marketing ideas. But if you haven’t gotten much farther than “make a Facebook fan page and post a bunch of stuff,” don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with 10 essential marketing strategies to add to your list! Before you can market your band, you need to have your brand in place. What’s unique about... Read More

How To Be A Better Producer


Mixing an existing song is definitely much easier than composing a new one before mixing, because when you are trying to put some new and innovative beats on the existing song it offers you the ideas based on which you will add your flavor in it. However, if you are mixing a song for the first time, then you may find it hard to go with it because many technicalities are associated with the process. Just like composing a new track, remixing an existing one can be a tough task, because there... Read More

How To Make Your Cover Songs Stand Out


With the DIY revolution and the rise of the music middle class in today’s music industry, it’s really easy to get caught up in all the business and music promotion stuff. But despite all the tools and resources and services at your fingertips online that can potentially get your music in front of a huge audience… The MUSIC still comes first. Quality music trumps all! So we’re going to get back to our roots and share some confidence-boosting skills that could help you take your music... Read More

Produce Music Beats That Make Money


So, you want to learn how to sell music beats. There are plenty of things that you need to learn such as marketing, promotion, networking, etc. However, what about the actual quality of your beats? What does it take to make beats that buyers really want?   1) Have​ ​a​ ​unique​ ​style What often gets overlooked when marketing your beats, is to have a unique style. Since there are plenty of beat makers to compete with, you can’t just post your beats for sale... Read More

How To Increase Your Fan Base


They say you need a thousand true fans to build a sustainable music career. But getting those first few diehard fans who play such a crucial role in building momentum can feel almost impossible when you’re just starting out. There are dozens and dozens of ways to get more fans for your music, but it’s ultimately going to come down to your level of commitment and finding the right balance of tactics that works best for your personal music career strategy. The list below isn’t... Read More

Songwriting : What To Write About?


People often asks how I come up with new ideas and decide what to write about in a new lyric. This is something I’ve researched over the years, so in this blog post I will share a few tricks and tips. Try taking a piece of paper and a pen – as usual. But instead of trying to write a lyric straight away, write a page or two of whatever comes into your mind. Don’t think about what you’re writing or read it back until you’ve finished, try and switch off while writing if you can. This... Read More

Get Hired As A Session Musician


Session work is one of the steadiest ways to earn a living as a musician. The work is often flexible, so you can schedule it around your other projects as you see fit. Whether you’re a guitarist, drummer, singer, or play a different instrument, as a session musician you’ll be hired to play your instrument for studio sessions, live shows, and tours for either a percentage of the profits or a flat fee. Here are some ways to help you find work as a session musician:   Have a... Read More