How to sell Music on Soundcloud


            It’s been a long time coming, but SoundCloud has finally announced its new SoundCloud Premier program that allows artists on the platform to monetize the streams they’re getting. There are still some questions about the program and exactly how much will be paid out, but just launching it is a big step in the right direction, as any SoundCloud artist will tell you. The new SoundCloud Premier program is open to artists 18 and older who... Read More

Get Hired As A Session Musician


Session work is one of the steadiest ways to earn a living as a musician. The work is often flexible, so you can schedule it around your other projects as you see fit. Whether you’re a guitarist, drummer, singer, or play a different instrument, as a session musician you’ll be hired to play your instrument for studio sessions, live shows, and tours for either a percentage of the profits or a flat fee. Here are some ways to help you find work as a session musician:   Have a... Read More

You won’t believe these artists’ Net Worth!


While thousands of people struggle to make a living playing music, there remain an elite few who have become millionaires from doing so. Here we highlight the top ten richest musicians alive today. Enjoy!    #1 Paul McCartney – $1.3 Billion Net Worth Unless you’ve been living under a rock for over 50 years, this one should come as no surprise. As one of the front men of the Beatles, Paul McCartney helped drive his band to be the most successful rock band to ever grace this... Read More

7 Ways to Set Your Songwriting In Motion


It’s easy to feel lost and uninspired with your songwriting sometimes. Staring at a blank page or empty DAW session can be anxiety-inducing. But it’s not as awful as it seems. Remember, when it comes to songwriting there’s no wrong answers. You just have to pick the right starting point and commit! So to get you started on starting here are 7 places to focus your opening energy to beat your creative blocks:   1) Start with a tone Getting a great tone on your synth or guitar rig... Read More

Promoting Your New Music Free : Way Before The Release Date


Promoting your new music shouldn’t start on the release date. Waiting until your music is released to start promoting is way too late. Effective music promotion starts months before it’s out. A solid pre-release campaign can build excitement for your release, grow your audience, and turn casual listeners into real fans. But where do you even start? And more importantly, how do you make it work while still having time to finish your music? Here’s five tips to help you get the most out... Read More

Tips For First-Time Instrument And Audio Equipment Buyers


1. Don’t Rush into Your Purchase   As excited as you probably are to buy your first instrument or piece of audio equipment, it’s best to take your time and weigh each of your options before making a purchase. Do as much research as you can to find the best possible item (that’s within your budget, of course), and you’ll be happier in the end. More than likely, you’ll hold onto your initial purchase for years to come, so it pays to shop carefully and do your homework. Don’t just... Read More

How to become a DJ


With a thriving hardware industry, the availability of robust software, and the general availability of music… it’s easier than ever to start DJing. In the early days, there was a much higher cost of entry. At minimum, you needed two good turntables (like the legendary Technics SL-1200), a mixer, and a few crates of records. The price of music could effortlessly soar past $20 a track, considering import shipping fees. Nowadays, we have a lot more options. More people are finding their way... Read More

Circle of Fifths Explained


Almost all Western music follows the following patterns, and even other cultural styles follow the same concepts in their own way.  It can be used for tons of modes like your typical Ionian major scale, Lydion, Dorian, Phrygian, etc.  Once you can manipulate it in your mind, the doors are blown wide open for sophisticated songwriting. Quick History:  The Circle of Fifths was invented by Nikolai Diletskii in his late 1670’s treatise on composition called the Grammatika.  In... Read More

Take me to Tomorrowland


Tomorrowland is not just a music festival. It’s a feeling. It’s a movement. Tomorrowland is without question the best music festival in the world. But getting a ticket to the festival is more than difficult. Tomorrowland 2018 tickets will sell out in mere minutes. Here’s my comprehensive guide to get to Tomorrowland 2018. In case you aren’t familiar, Tomorrowland is the largest electronic dance music festival in the world. It does a phenomenal job of combining some of the best DJs,... Read More

How To Approach a Song


The Melody Since this is the part everyone’s gonna be listening to, why not start with the melody?  Here’s how I like to do it: Go for a walk, preferably nature Imagine a drum beat and start moving to it. Get into the groove until it feels natural Start singing rhythms on top of this groove Add pitch (if you are having problems with this, sing your rhythm in different intervals, then combine what sounded good) Add grace notes The Song Title This can be a great approach if you want... Read More