Get Hired As A Session Musician


Session work is one of the steadiest ways to earn a living as a musician. The work is often flexible, so you can schedule it around your other projects as you see fit. Whether you’re a guitarist, drummer, singer, or play a different instrument, as a session musician you’ll be hired to play your instrument for studio sessions, live shows, and tours for either a percentage of the profits or a flat fee. Here are some ways to help you find work as a session musician:   Have a... Read More

Get your music on Spotify Playlist


It’s true that there are multiple methods for promoting your music, and musicians need to pursue those activities that have a lot of potential. That said, it’s no secret that today one of the key ways of getting your music discovered is by getting added to Spotify Playlists. No matter what genre you work falls under, Spotify playlists can give your work a much wider reach. Spotify has several main types of playlists: those curated by Spotify; those that were created by outsiders (either... Read More

Cover art mistakes that will get your music removed from streaming services


Why GOOD cover art is so important. Oftentimes before anyone listens to your music, especially on digital platforms, they’ll first see your cover art. Cover artwork is the visual gateway into your music, and it’s the image that listeners will associate with your music afterwards. But if your cover art sucks or confuses people, potential listeners will never press “play.” Worse, if your cover art doesn’t comply with our digital partners’ guidelines, the streaming and download... Read More

Vocal Recording Common Mistakes That Producers Do


USING THE WRONG MICROPHONE It’s absolutely essential that you invest in a high-quality large condenser microphone made for your home studio recordings. You don’t have to break the bank and buy a Neuman U87. However take time to research a decent enough mic as it can make or break a good vocal performance. Over time you’ll need to build up a couple of different miss to serve varying needs. Top music producers always have several microphones on hand. Some microphones sound better with... Read More

How To Approach a Song


The Melody Since this is the part everyone’s gonna be listening to, why not start with the melody?  Here’s how I like to do it: Go for a walk, preferably nature Imagine a drum beat and start moving to it. Get into the groove until it feels natural Start singing rhythms on top of this groove Add pitch (if you are having problems with this, sing your rhythm in different intervals, then combine what sounded good) Add grace notes The Song Title This can be a great approach if you want... Read More