Bringing our studio online, is another way of exchanging high quality and depth of music in this Internet revolution.
( While you reserve in a cool air, Why not get these pros at work, they promise you high quality Mix, in this Internet age ! )


Waves Soundgrid loaded with DigiCo pre-amps are now available for your Live Sound Show.
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Check out our samples and loops recorded by Professional Artists, if you enjoyed our demos… wait-blah-I’d rather Buy Now.
( Bored of Dhinchaks or dhikchik dhikchik, hear out our samples and loops from Tabla, Synth, Violin and Guitars , played by enthu-brats for any sketch you’d like to integrate it… )


Educating Professional software and music production to musically aware and enthusiasts
( Are Music schools way too much for you, Rest in Beats School for Music Production, that smells good!!!, join our Tribe and haul your music everywhere )

Our Latest

H-Touch Series

(Give a human touch to your Electronic music)
Covering almost all the genres like Psy Trance, Deep House, Dubstep, Trap and many more: now make the best out of acoustical instruments for your Electronic Music Production.

About Us

“ We are young enthusiasts, marching ahead for contributing in Music Industry. From Education to producing Samples, From Mixing to Music Composition, we are here to help, to provide best quality work to our clients from around the globe. “